Participant Feedback


  • “I really enjoyed the Social Media for Sport and Leisure course and learnt a lot. I have already started to work on some of the tips, putting a news article on Facebook this morning and I’m going to look at videoing an event we have in June so all good.” (Toni Jantschenko, Village Games Co-ordinator, South Derbyshire)

  • "I enjoyed this course and thought Lissa covered the different social media sites in great detail. She explained in depth how our different organisations could benefit from using the various social media options and gave us tips on what content to 'advertise' both ourselves and our organisations." (Workshop participant, 20th March 2012)

  • "Very useful to have each network explained with pros and cons and opportunity to think about which would work best for us in our work situation. The course has given us lots to think about. Thank you." (Workshop participant, 20th March 2012)

  • "Lots of good examples provided to illustrate what can be done and what should not be done!" (Workshop participant, 20th March 2012)

  • "The course was a real eye opener and has given me the confidence I need to use Social Media and make best use of it." (Workshop participant 16th April, 2012)