Quality Assurance


Tutor Recruitment and Selection

We undertake rigorous recruitment and selection processes to ensure the highest quality tutors are chosen to deliver training. Our diverse team of handpicked qualified, skilled and experienced tutors offer a variety of approaches to support the development of teams and individuals.  Many are occupational psychologists who specialise in interventions using psychometric testing.  By combining personal experience with knowledge of their subject, our tutors are able to empathise and connect readily with delegates.


Our tutors are selected to meet your needs, demonstrating:

  • Excellent facilitation skills
  • Expertise in their subject area
  • Exceptional communication
  • Passion for their subject area
  • Credibility within their field
  • An outcome-driven approach to learning and professional development  

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Continuous Improvement

Customer satisfaction is critical to our continued success and we take the time to initiate feedback on all training experiences, helping us to continually improve our services.  We use a range of methods to gather feedback; consulting tutors, delegates, employers and end users.


We’re continually working with experts in the field, developing new techniques to measure the impact of professional development interventions.