Schools work together and share the load

24th May 2011

As The Queen reflected on the complex relationship between the UK and Ireland during her speech in Dublin last week, perhaps we can all share in the sentiment that “whatever life throws at us, our individual responses will be all the stronger for working together and sharing the load”.

Schools, Local Authorities and anyone involved in PE and school sport in the current climate faces challenging times in deciding how to make best use of resources available in the coming years. In Northamptonshire, around 90 Headteachers, Heads of PE, SSCos and PLTs came together last week to consider a plan for PE and School Sport for the county which aims to maintain the momentum that has been developed over recent years and ultimately benefit more and more young people.

It was agreed with a resounding voice, that by working together we can achieve more, and whilst it will be important to retain local identity and uniqueness, there is much to be gained from collaborating on the things that matter most. Continuing professional development, high quality coaching, quality assurance, player pathways, sharing resources and expertise and advocating the impact of high quality physical education, physical activity and sport on learning and achievement were amongst the priorities.

Andrea Kemp, of Podium Training is working with key stakeholders in Northamptonshire to create a new structure for PE and school sport and within that, a self-sustaining CPD programme for the workforce. For more information please contact