Personal Best Conference - Derby

10th Sep 2013

Being brilliant, managing your time, presenting with confidence, finding balance, being assertive and more. Inspirational speakers and workshops to help you be your best self at work and beyond, Derby Conference Centre, Monday 14th October, 1-5pm, £49.00 +VAT.


In a hectic and demanding world where we constantly juggle other people's priorities with our own and the pace of life seems to be getting ever faster, perhaps it's time to pause and consider some simple ways we can improve how we work and live by focussing on what matters. 


Personal Best is a half day conference for anyone who wants to achieve more without doing more, making the most of your talents and time using tools and techniques developed by inspirational people in a wide range of settings. This is a Personal Development opportunity NOT to be missed!

*Free book for every delegate - 'The Art of Being Brilliant' by Andy Cope and Andy Whittaker*


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