360 Feedback

360 Feedback is a performance appraisal system that gathers feedback on an individual from a number of sources, typically including managers, colleagues, direct reports and customers. It provides individuals with information about skills and performance, as well as working relationships. It is particularly useful where individuals have not been part of any formal appraisal structure or performance review due to the nature of their work.


At Podium, we have developed a unique 360° review, tailored specifically for the sports development workforce, using the national occupational standards as well as other recognised performance measurement tools such as Quest for Sports Development.


All our training, performance management tools and professional development programmes are based on the national occupational standards for sport and active leisure which provide the benchmark of competence required at each level. For 360 reviews, we normally focus on the suite of units at levels 3 and 4 'Sport Development' and ‘Managing sport and active leisure’ (revised August 2010) as well as utilising person specifications as appropriate.


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