Top Tips To: Stay Motivated

We've raided the blogs, guides, resources and minds of the most motivated people around. Here's what we found:

1) Do something unusual everyday

Sometimes in BIG ways, often in small ways, it helps to mix things up.

(Henrik Edberg)

2) Dream BIG

Most people dream too small. How do you know how far you can go if you never try? Big dreams are tough and take all our determination and effort. And they make all the difference in life.

(Criag Jarrow - Time Management Ninja)

3) Say Positive

Start saying positive things, especially about yourself. How you communicate to yourself affects your thinking and your emotions as well as your self esteem.

(Fatima Musa)

4) Leave your cave

If you're feeling uninspired, leave your cave! Seek out conferences, meetings or gatherings where you will learn, network and engage with others in your field. Get inspired by other people.

(Lisa Barone, Outspoken Media)

5) Take a one-day holiday

When you're off - be off. Disconnect and unplug.

(Criag Jarrow - Time Management Ninja)

6) Refocus on what YOU really really want to do

If you lose your motivation, ask yourself 'Am I doing what I really want to do?' If not, and if possible, refocus and start working on that very important thing instead.

(Henrik Edberg)


Top Reads to Stay Motivated

The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon

Jon Gordon's international best-seller takes readers on an enlightening and inspiring ride that reveals 10 secrets for approaching life and work with the kind of positive, forward thinking that leads to true accomplishment - at work and at home.

Rafa - My Story by Rafael Nadal with John Carlin

No tennis player since Andre Agassi has captivated the world like Rafael Nadal. He's a rarity in today's sporting arena - a true sportsman who chooses to let his raw talent, dedication and humility define him. This book is a real inspiration whether or not you enjoy tennis.



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