Community Sports Trust

Podium is working with the Community Sports Trust to support the Derbyshire Village Games staff with their professional development.
7 officers have taken part in a 360 degree review involving line managers, partners and community volunteers and each has received a comprehensive personal report indicating their strengths and areas for improvement along with recommendations for professional development. It is anticipated that this will provide very useful information for each of the officers as part of their career development in sport, as well as engaging volunteers and partners in a valuable and worthwhile process.
The confidential process involves reviewers rating the individuals against 16 behaviour statements aligned to the National Occupational Standards for Sport and Active Leisure. The questionnaire is undertaken online and is anonymous. Helen Brewis, one of our leading Occupational Psychologists analyses the results and provides a summary report with personal recommendations.
Hayley Lever, Chief Officer said
"Hi Helen/Andrea,
I wanted to say a big thank you for all your work on the 360 degree reviews. They are great pieces of work, and will be so valuable to us in supporting the staff team in their personal development.”