Derbyshire School Sport Professionals

In a climate of uncertainty for PE and School Sport, it is important that individuals are prepared with the skills and competencies to perform well in their current roles as well as taking responsibility for their own development and employability.


We are currenlty working with a group of 12 school sport professionals from across Derbyshire to provide a 360 degree feedback report followed by series of workshops as part of a comprehensive leadership and management programme.


The bespoke programme aims to:


  • Challenge participants to review their existing perceptions, motivations and assumptions about personal and professional development – where they are and where they want to be

  • Provide new skills and ways of working in terms of key leadership and management roles

  • Explore personal motivations and potential individual improvements that can help future career options within or outside the sport and leisure industry.


One day workshops include the following topics:


  • Managing your Career and CV Development

  • Time Management and Personal Effectiveness

  • Managing Team Talent

  • Influencing and Negotiating Skills

  • Successful Project and Programme Management

  • Financial Planning, Management and Fundraising

  • Managing Change


Feedback so far:


  • “Very, very beneficial opportunity to stop and think about my own thoughts and plans."

  • "Clare's enthusiasm and motivation made the course very inspirational and engaging"

  • "The course has inspired me to begin doing what I should be already doing with my own career. Looking forward to the next course"

  • "this session has the potential to impact more positively on my productivity at work than any other I have attended."