Derbyshire Sport

Derbyshire Sport approached us in March 2012 with a request for a half day workshop on Social Media. Team members had varying levels of experience and confidence using social media in their work and they were looking for training as part of a team day to help them achieve the following:

- A greater understanding of the power of social media, how and when to use it

- A range of tools to help them make the best use of social media in their work

- Increased levels of confidence in using social media safely and effectively in their work

The 3 hour session covered the following:
- Introduction to the power of social media (what can it be used for and how with examples)
- Maximising the potential of social media (Facebook – how to, Twitter – how to, and LinkedIn/others – how to)
- Safe use (dos and don’ts)


Delegates said:
  • "Superb general overview of social media with excellent detail where necessary."

  • "I thought it was a really successful afternoon which gave the team plenty of food for thought, even given the varied levels of experience in the room. Thanks"

  • "Really informative, well-delivered, good practical examples, thanks very much!"

For further information on our Social Media training read more here..