Behaviour Change - Engaging in Physical Activity

Course Overview


"Physical inactivity currently accounts for nearly one-fifth of premature deaths in the UK. With projections showing that inactivity levels are due to increase by a further 15 per cent by 2030 there is no doubt that the issue requires immediate national attention and urgent action." (Lord Sebastian Coe, January 2014)


This one day workshop has been developed by psychologist Helen Brewis along with leading physical activity providers and is based on the latest research and thinking around behaviour change tools and techniques . The course is for anyone with an interest in increasing levels of physical activity either at individual or whole community levels.  
Learning Outcomes:

The purpose of the workshop is to consider the challenges in engaging individuals and groups in physical activity and learn behaviour change strategies that can be used on a day-to-day basis when talking to people about their activity levels.

To achieve this, during the workshop you will: 
- Discuss the challenges in achieving behaviour change
- Learn about current thinking in explaining behaviour change
- Understand the value of Motivational Interviewing in engaging with individuals and identifying their thoughts about exercise and change
- Learn Solution-Focused techniques for goal setting and planning
- Consider the gap between people's intentions to exercise and their actual exercise behaviour and how this gap may be bridged
- Look at the environmental factors that can encourage physical activity


Course Tutor:
Helen Brewis is a trained occupational and business psychologist with experience in both public and private sectors. She has a background in managing, designing and delivering training programmes and culture change projects for small, medium and large organisations in a variety of industries.  
"Helen was very interactive and knowledgeable. She used real life examples that relate well."
“I came with a negative outlook as usually this kind of training is lost on me – but loved it and found it really useful. I surprised myself by enjoying it and finding is so engaging. Brilliant.”
“It made me step back and think about how I react / listen to people and how I like to ‘right’ things too much.”
"Most useful was drilling down with the questions until we reached a point where we were enabling rather than supplying solutions.”
"I will be using the strategies to re-engage groups”
" I will be transferring the learning to the workplace when talking to ‘new to exercise’ participants about taking part in exercise for the first time.”