Confident Conversations

Is your role dependant on the effectiveness and co-operation of others?

Could you do with subtle yet effective skills to help you achieve high performance?


The course covers:

  • The power of Emotional Intelligence
  • What stimulates happiness and satisfaction at work
  • Assertive techniques to help you state what you want and feel
  • The balance of power and expectations in relationships


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Choose and use the most productive approach and behaviour to get the results you want
  • Identify  stressors in the workplace and learn how to limit them
  • Initiate actions for increasing your self confidence


Course Tutor: Clare Haynes

Clare is an experienced facilitator, trainer, public speaker and coach who specialises in work psychology and soft skills development.  She has worked across a range of sectors for public and private organisations and charities including Head of Sport at NSPCC. Clare helps people to develop their abilities as teams and individuals.


Believing that learning is highly individual and that it should be fun, she builds on her psychology and marketing background to tailor learning to the specific audience. Whether it’s team building, group facilitation, leadership and management development, managing change or communication skills training, Clare injects her passion for people. 


“Clare was especially good, providing opportunities to ask questions and explore ideas further.  She was prepared to listen to all feedback and answer all questions however difficult.”

Howard Dytham – Executive Manager, Derbyshire Cricket Board