Professional Development Solutions


Our professional development solutions include:


Bespoke programmes

Programmes which can range in length from 2 days to 12 months designed to address the specific training needs of your organisation and staff

Seminars and conferences

Short workshops which can be incorporated into existing seminars and conferences or we can design specific conference programmes to meet your an organisation’s needs

One-day training courses

Focused one-day training courses to meet agreed learning outcomes

90 minute training nuggets

Ideal to accompany team meetings or a short series which can easily be fitted into an organisation’s workplace in order to cause minimum disruption to the business

One-to-one coaching

Our highly skilled and experienced Business Coaches offer a variety of approaches to support the development of teams and individuals in the business of sport at every level

360° reviews for individuals and teams

360° reviews which are fully automated and based on the National Occupational Standards for Sport and Active Leisure:

  • Can be incorporated into training programmes
  • Used as part of an appraisal process
  • To identify training needs of individuals and teams

Full support throughout the review process is guaranteed and a complete report analysis is available, with guidance for future training needs. We can provide individual 360 feedback or develop your internal staff to manage this process


Facilitation in business planning, visioning and strategy

Psychometric testing

Podium’s occupational psychologists specialise in interventions using psychometric testing.  Interventions include:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • 16PF
  • 360 feedback process
  • Belbin (Team Evaluation)
  • WAVE

These interventions work best when combined with targeted business coaching and training. 

Human Resources Consultancy Supporting organisations to achieve a measurable improvement in business performance.  Our services include:
  • Assessment centres, interview support and short listing
  • Appraisals, performance evaluation and self assessment toolkits
  • Job Evaluation and organisational restructure
  • Staff personnel files and handbooks 

Redundancy and job loss is unsettling.  A time of change and uncertainty, but also new opportunities, challenges and rewards if supported correctly.   We can provide outplacement programmes to maintain an organisation's reputation as a caring employer and facilitate those affected to move forward.  Providing:

  • Professional guidance to take the uncertainty and frustration out of job search
  • Objective advice on setting appropriate career objectives
  • Career counselling to restore self-confidence
  • Support in developing a wide network of contacts
  • Reduction in job search time 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. ..